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“Giusto Faravelli S.P.A.” Headquarters


May 2018

Design and implementation of a new internal layout for executive and operational offices of Giusto Faravelli S.p.A. headquarters.



New residential building – “Rayè Palace”

Via Rimembranze di Lambrate 3, Milan

January 2018 – in progress

Executive project for a new residential council building, located in Via delle Rimembranze, Lambrate 3 in Milan. The building is developed on 5 floors above ground and a basement for a total of about xxx square meters.




A management project for the final phase of the ice palace at Sesto San Giovanni. A financial project has been developed to provide the renovation of the building focused on the technological and energy system.



Darin Towers

The building contains various public functions: two restaurants, gym, swimming pool and wellness center, ballroom, auditorium and conference rooms.

In the tower: business area and offices, meeting rooms.

A panoramic restaurant at the top of the highest tower (118m).

GMS developed the architectural, lighting and MEP design.



Neveplast offices

Enlargement of the headquarters and production site of the Neverplast Srl Group. Architectural, Interior and MEP design.



Korek Mountain (2015 -2017)

Design, supply and installation of two synthetic Ski Slopes at Korek mountain: one for beginners with a lower inclination and the other for advanced skiers with a higher slope. The project also included the design and installation of two Tubby Evolution slides.



Kipse Complex Sport Center

Two masterplans for a sports center were developed in 2015 for the Rwanga Foundation. The timing is over fifteen years, starting in 2016 with the central area, leaving at the edge the others, as marked by the different colors represented in the masterplan. This was decided in order to not interfere during the sport activities already in progress.



Erbil National Museum

Tender for the proposal project for the construction of the new National Museum in Erbil. On the ground floor there are: hall, archeology gallery, conference hall, coffee shop and book shop. First floor: revolution gallery and heritage gallery. The overlapping of two types of historical buildings – The Citadel and the Caravanserai form the structure of the building. The first suggests an irregular composition of elements separated by cuts of light. The elements and cuts follow a precise orientation based on three main axes: The Citadel, the Minaret and the Mecca. The second has a regular structure with central patio and portico. The facade’s decorations recall the Citadel’s small tiles; the front wall has a stylized map of Kurdistan. The different itineraries of the Museum have been carefully separated to gain maximum security. The administration building is next and directly connected to the Museum. It has three floors with open space designed to guarantee flexibility.



Erbil Ministry of Education (2013 – 2014)

The Studio won the assignment to design the new Building of the Ministry of Education in Erbil in full compliance with the requests established by the client: 6 floors above ground level and 2 underground, an Auditorium for 800 people, a controlled safety system of fluxes to cross and to access the area, landscaping of the site. The project includes the lighting interior and exterior design by LED fixtures.



UB Holding Tower (2014)

Multilevel building with a luxury mall, shops and residences. Architectural project and feasibility analysis: total surface 2.650sqm: two basements used for parking, the first 2/3 floors dedicated to a luxury mall and shops. A proposal for one or two towers to be used as a residential complex with Condhotel services.



University Presidency Building (2013)


Tender procedure for the design and project management of the new University Presidency Building in Erbil.

The design of the lot area includes new building, a parking area,  recreational area and gardens. Access to the building and areas

for students, staff and logistics has also been carefully studied.

The 6400 sqm building develops on 4 levels. The first dedicated to the students with a double height area, meeting rooms, snack

area with kitchen and technical rooms. Staff entrance on second level with reception and offices directly accessible through a

central patio connecting the two wings of the building.

The other offices are on the two upper levels including University Presidency’s. Fractioned into individual offices, open space with

multiple working stations, meeting rooms, relax areas with toilets. The building is designed to accommodate 190 employees.

From its concept  stage,   design  process has  kept   a   balance   between original  shape  of   the   building, its  future   functions,   the

installation and structural needs and requirements.

Central   patio,   façade   shading   and   positioning   of   the   transparent   and   opaque   walls   are   key   elements   to   make   this   an

environmentally compatible building




EIA (Erbil International Airport – 2014)

Two interior design proposals for the renovation and refurbishing of the arrival, departure and business lounges of Erbil International Airport



Private residence (2014)

Design of a building in the city of Suleymanya, 4 floors above ground, the first for commercial use and 3 others with residential functions as required by the construction rules in force.

Use of the deconstructivist style for the stairs following customer’s request.



Vip Mountain Villa (2014)

Proposal of an Italian/Alpine style architectural and interior design of a mountain villa as requested by the client.

The ground floor has a main entrance, passageway, living room, dining room, kitchen, service room, fireplace, two bathrooms and a garage. On the first floor there are: a double bedroom with a private sitting room and bathroom, a bedroom with private bathroom, two bedrooms with a shared bathroom and a second fireplace.



Luxury residence – concept 1 (2013 – 2014)

Luxury Residence with a park and swimming pool. Design concept for the construction of a Neo-Classic Italian style villa as requested by the client, including interior decoration.



Luxury residence – concept 2 (2013 – 2014)

Luxury Residence with a park and swimming pool. Design concept for the construction of a Neo-Classic Italian style villa as requested by the client, including interior decoration.



Petrol station (2015)

Architectural, structural and installation design of a petrol station with carwash service and store.



Grand Hotel Cirene (2014)

Proposal for the construction of the Grand Hotel Cirene: architectural and interior design, electrical and mechanical systems.

The building has three floors each with different types of modular suites of different sizes and characteristics. Project includes division of spaces and furniture arrangement together with the choice of materials and fabrics. Lighting design and its devices chosen to allow the implementation of home automation control system. Its shape presents references to both North African architecture and Italian rationalism.



Golden Strip Tower (2013)

Architectural project and feasibility analysis of a 35 floor skyscraper distributed over three different volumes divided by two floors of common functions. The ground floor of the tower rests on a three stories basement with a luxury mall and playground area for kids.

The Moebius Strip sculpture crowns the building making it recognizable from every part of the city. The façade is made of laminated ceramic silk screen glass which personalizes it and has an energy-saving function.



Restaurant facades (2013)

Different proposals for the renovation and change of the facades of a building used as a restaurant with the creation of a panoramic rooftop terrace.



Pacha Sport Centre – Façade study (2013)

Architectural project for the reconversion of an existing structure into a sport center and interior design for the reorganization of spaces and the construction of a bowling alley in Sulaymaniyah.

For the new four floor building we studied a composition of different volumes which create a variegated and unique outcome for the facades. The central body of the building is completely glazed and has the shape of three staggered waves. A complex RGB lighting design obtains a façade with different prospects with the lights’ change of colour tone.



Kayar Tower (2013 – 2014)

Feasibility analysis and architectural design of a 35 floor fully glazed tower on a 3 floor basement with the typical Citadel of Erbil irregular shape with an original rooftop which makes the building recognizable throughout the territory.

Interior spaces are composed of commercial spaces, offices and a panoramic restaurant on the top floor.



Doha Oasis Hotel (2012 – 2015)

Interior and lighting design and project of electrical system of a skyscraper hotel. The building has 25 floors, 18 of which are just suites. Each floor has different modular types, sizes and characteristics. The project includes internal division of the spaces and restyling, including the choice of materials and fabrics and devices to implement a home automation system control.



Qatar Skyscraper (2007)

Feasibility analysis, architectural and concept design meeting client’s request for the construction of a new skyscraper that should be an icon image of the city and compete with the other skyscrapers under construction in the world. We proposed several shape solutions with common characteristics: 210 meters high, commercial spaces, offices, apartments all with innovative materials, new technology in harmony with the Arab culture.



University of Turin (2011)

Architectural design, installation improvements, restoration and change of function of the XVII century building complex “Cavallerizza Reale” called “Chiablese Stables” which belonged to the Savoia Monarchy. An important study of the natural acoustics of the Main Hall, in collaboration with the famous international consultant Daniel Commins, is the cornerstone of our proposal in Tender. The University’s Auditorium will be located in the main hall with 450 seats including all the service areas: foyer, ticket office, wardrobe, conference room/buffet and bar. In order not to change the unitary perception of the original structure, the auditorium is contained in a steel and wooden frame totally detached from exterior walls, containing all the equipment. A second multi-levelled building is planned to contain the management and administrative offices, meeting rooms and a panoramic terrace on the roof open to the public.



Movenpick Ambassador Hotel (2010 – 2011)

In the last few years Africa has developed a high standard of global attention thanks to its rich and natural potential increasing tourism and business. The new Movenpick Ambassador Hotel is located in the city center of Accra, Ghana, where the historical Ambassador Hotel used to be located, an emblem for Ghanian population. Our new architectural design and construction project has been closely followed by local Authorities and press from the beginning. The hotel, with all the comforts, has 260 standard rooms, 61 executive rooms, 15 junior suites, lobby lounge, all day restaurant, executive club lounge, cocktail bar, 4 meeting rooms, 1 ballroom for 515 people, a gym, a technical floor, rentable offices (8.000sqm), a retail area. External areas: swimming pool, barbeque area, pool bar, 2 tennis courts, jogging track, 350 parking places.



Zoning Plan (parcelling plan) 2003

Zoning plan consists of 31 residential units, new roads and infrastructures, public gardens and urban works, subjected to Environmental protection. The project relates to the construction of a strip of land for residential use between the already built area, along the Stelvio National Road, and the line of hydrogeological protection of the Frodolfo river.

The total volume of the building area has been fragmented and redistributed in an homogeneous way allowing the integration of the new residential area maintaining the landscape features.



Underground car park (2003 – 2005)

Preliminary Project and Management plan in Tender, architectural design, plant building and fire system, building management financed by the Valtellina Law 166/02 and subject to Environmental and Hydrogeological protection.

The car park is on two underground levels: on the first floor 110 open car parks, on the second 122 car parks. The top of the car parking area has a 658sqm gross surface with toilets and some warehouses. The external area has a garden, playground, paths and pedestrian areas.



Underground car park _ Santa Caterina Val Frua (so) (2005)

Preliminary Project and Management Plan in Tender. Architectural and Installation design, plant and fire system design, Building Site management subjected to Environmental and Hydrogeological protection at the Stelvio National Park.

A multilevel underground car park for 668 parking lots designed to help (together with other interventions) enhance and develop the infrastructures and tourism of the territory in connection to the Alpine World Ski Championships.


“Villa Lyde” residential units (2002 – 2005)

The proposed construction and architectural project redistributes the existing building volume in two different units. Each has four floors for residential use and a basement for the garage.

The intent is to replace the massive existing property with buildings well-suited to the surrounding environment and the touristic town of Bormio.



Mountain Centre in the Portello area – Milan (2006)

Tender called by City Council of Milan for the creation of a mountain center in the Portello area aimed at refurbishing and upgrading former Alfa Romeo and Lancia industrial areas.

The project includes: technical design its management and maintenance included, for the construction of a seven story multilevel structure at Portello Park, to implement cultural activities, sports and recreational areas related to the mountain. The center has a climbing wall, conference room, multifunctional centers and social services, mountain documentation center, data collection room, SPA, underground car park.



New Village masterplan (2007)

New Village Masterplan and architectural design which include health facilities and public services. The growth of the population in the Central Region of Qatar has made it necessary to find new spaces and this project meets this requirement.

The scale and character of the buildings are typically Arabic and special attention has been given to the choice of materials and constructive solutions to adapt the new technological and plant system to the local climate conditions.

The project is based on buildings with 8x8m modules, used separately or attached to provide bigger accommodation.

This modular system of shapes and materials allows to save in general and on its maintenance.



Residential unit (2007)

The project regards both external and internal renovation of a two story residential building. Detailed architectonical, electrical and mechanical design, construction documents and interior design with fixed furniture.

Redesigned exterior area: façade and garden and the creation of an outdoor pool. Internally on the ground floor: living room, dining room, kitchen and a bathroom. On the first floor: four bedrooms and two bathrooms.



Casino de la Vallee (2008 – 2009)

Winning award project in the Open Tender Procedure for the Design Development and Construction of the expansion of the Casino de la Vallée. The project foresees the creation of three new multifunctional spaces in addition to the existing hypogeum next to the Casino, two spectacular new entries and Coordination and Safety Management.

The new spaces are in the basement directly connected to the main building allowing the clients to make use of the area according to their needs. Great attention has been payed to the interior design as well as the fixed furniture: gambling rooms with carefully chosen new wall cladding, pavement material, lighting system and scenographic bar area, the hub of the Casino. The innovative details allow the creation of different types of “dresses” according to the events that take place.



Aosta Regional Theatre (2009)

Architectural, interior decoration including fixed furniture and lighting design under Tender for Aosta Regional Theatre. The aim is to make the theatre an icon that attracts people. The interior and exterior of the building have been designed to make it a unique warm and comfortable place blending in with the existing areas. The exterior of the building has been renovated as well to give it a new identity and make it more attractive to the public.



Industrial Complex ex Daramic (2010)

The project involves the redevelopment of the Daramic Ltd industrial complex, at the town of Tito (Potenza) area, which ceased its production in December 2008. The strategy relates to the Italian landscape and environmental issues associated to the collection and disposal of waste and cleaning up of landfills with the creation of:

  • A research, development and scientific center for waste treatment, energy production from renewable sources and environmental cleaning, waste incineration plants
  • Production of components for the molecolar dissociation at high temperature and filtration systems
  • Realization of the equipment and system for water and air depuration with ozonation procedure, generation systems and production of electrical components.



Underground car park (2007)

Project for an underground car park in the historic center of the town of Bormio and subjected to environmental preservation legislation. The area is partially occupied by an open air car park, a public garden and a War Memorial. The design aims at integrating the project with the historic heritage of the location. The car park covers a 7.500 sqm area with two underground levels and the surface which is either paved or covered by gardens. The only constructions are two staircases communicating with the two underground levels.



New video lottery Terminals (2010 – 2011)

The two new Video Lottery Terminals have been developed on the basis of a new concept never used before. Recreating the atmosphere of the big Casinos in a unitary space of reduced dimensions. The different internal gambling rooms have a strong and easily recognizable style, where the finishing touches and materials create a warm and welcoming environment for the players. The lighting design follows the choice of material and colors creating different atmospheres. RGB LED inserted in the false ceiling allows special light effects in the relaxing areas. Functional lighting is guaranteed by white LED.





Cusago Castle (2010)

The project relates to the restoration, extension and functional conversion of the Cusago Castle into a high standard hotel-relais in addition to the proposal of a new residential complex on the adjacent lot.

It was built by Barnabò Visconti between 1360 and 1369 and it covers 17.000 sqm. The renovation contemplates two parts. In the existing historic core: 60 rooms, a large suite on two floors of the central tower, a restaurant in the lodge, a health club and spa, a fitness center and a big conference area with several multifunctional rooms in the area previously dedicated to the stables. The new dépendance: 40 apartments all facing the central courtyard.

At a later stage the adjacent area of the castle is involved: a new construction of 7 luxury residential buildings set in a unique surrounding overlooking an artificial lake created by using the recovered “naviglietti”.



Bicocca University (2011)


Project for Bicocca University. The construction of three student residences, including appropriate fixed furniture. The design follows:

  • technical merits, aesthetic and functional high quality characteristics,
  • use of environmentally friendly materials / lower environmental impact, improved
  • plant design and installation, structural solutions for a rational use of energy and saving energy and production by utilizing renewable sources, yearly
  • reduction of energy consumption and improved energy performance.



Tram line (2011)

Redevelopment of the intercity Milan-Desio tramway extended to Seregno with new railways and technological systems and type of rails. Design solutions, techniques and services with particular reference to materials used, functionality, duration, innovation and attention to the optimization of flows and environmental impact with reference to the receptors of vibrations and noise pollution.



Faravelli Stand (2003)

Graphic concept and detailed design of exhibition stands for National and International fairs such as: Nuce International, Health Ingredients Europe, Vitafoods International, Incosmetics, Salima, CPHI, Eurocarne.



University of Architecture and Engeneering in the ex-sugar factory area (2011 – 2013)

Winner award architectural and installation of existing design, the base of the Tender. The new U-shaped building has the following functions: Admission area, Classrooms, Laboratories, Open Space Areas, Student Offices, Professors and Management Offices, Archives and Meeting rooms. Planned improvements: Energetic model; improvement of the acoustic, thermoigrometric respiratory and visual conditions; management building system; lighting solutions including change of lamps and DALI control system; green energy; construction site safety plan and subdivision in WBS.



Sabauda Gallery (2011)

Winning award project regarding the transfer of the Turin Sabaudia Art Gallery to the new venue of the Manica Nuova in the Turin Royal Palace, on behalf of the Regional Director of Heritage and Landscape of Piedmont and the Superintendence for the Historical Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of Piedmont.

Building refurbishment on the first, second, third floor and partly on the ground floor of the Royal Palace of Turin. Installation and lighting systems design, optimization of the construction technologies (acoustic comfort and glazed pavilion). Project Management during the tender and works, health and safety plan for the building site. Museum set up and advertising campaign.



New pier and cruise terminal in Curacao (2012)

Project based on goals developed together with the Curacao Port Authority: increase tourism, new and attractive areas for the Cruise Lines, new services for the island citizens, redevelopment of the seafront area, economic and environmental sustainability. To obtain the above, we created a new Pier connecting it to the existing one with a new system of flows on two different levels.

The upper for pedestrian and the lower for public transportation and services. We also created a new pedestrian promenade parallel to the seafront that connects the New Cruise Terminal to the City center. The whole project is completed with a car park and an area for taxi/tour buses and the study for a future luxury housing complex.



Stelvio Ski Slope (2004 – 2005)

This project was made purposely for the 2005 World Ski Championships at Bormio. An elaborate lighting design study was carried out to make sure that its visibility had very little impact during the day. The creation of laminated wood poles as support to the lighting system was done to respect and give value to the naturalistic environment and landscape.

Specific software was put in use to comply with all the different needs of visibility required by skiers, technicians, judges, cameramen and spectators. A complex ski run tridimensional model was realized to check the adopted lighting solutions in terms of illuminance and luminance values.



New Vado Ligure sea harbour (2012 -2013)

The project regards two power supply proposals for the primary station and maintenance of the HV/MV transformation and distribution systems of the new Vado Ligure harbour.



Iveco W. & F.


The project involves the construction of the new IVECO W&F Center in Erbil in an 30.000 sqm area with: headquarters, showroom, assembly process, warehouse, service center, parking spaces and green areas.

Particular attention has been given to the study of the flow of vehicular traffic, ensuring the separation between “heavy” and “light” traffic. The assembly building has five lines for the body attachments and for the production tests.

The garage area has two different spaces to park trucks before and after the assembly and completion of the same.





Peshmerga Hospital – Erbil (2015)

Tender for the design of a hospital near Erbil (Iraq).

A functional and architectural design for a 300 beds hospital. The complex is in line with the environment and layout of the area. It is organic, easy to read and composed of three different structures.  The first building hosts the reception and administrative areas. The second building has the E&A, clinics and operating theatres, the intensive care unit and imaging department.



Cancer Hospital – Libya (2014)

A client, after having seen our complex architectural design, urged us to transform it into a hospital of excellence for cancer care treatment. We projected a two hundred bed oncological hospital with spaces for research to enable to enter the International network of excellence for cancer prevention, treatment and research.



120 beds Maternity Hospital – Lybia (2014)

Preliminary concept for the development of the architectural design of a new maternity hospital, 120 beds.

The new building has all the general and staff support facilities services. It has the following departments:

  • Maternity and Nursery
  • Obstetrics and gynecology ward
  • Neonatology
  • Recovery rooms
  • Surgery room
  • Radiology
  • Emergency room
  • Orthopedics
  • Blood test laboratory
  • Day Hospital
  • Chemist’s

Nasiriya 200 beds – Teaching Hospital (2013)

Tender for the design of a hospital complex in Nasiriya.

Preliminary design for a 200 bed hospital. Designed in line with the environment and aesthetic – architectural style required by the Iraqi Ministry of Health. Particular attention payed towards patient and staff’s well-being.



“L. Sacco” Hospital (2012)

The aim of the project design is to enlarge the existing  Emergency room expanding the spaces including those of the adjacent building to create a big Emergency center and new main areas for treatment in two buildings.

One building is a bridge shaped construction on the ring of the internal road network which is the new image of the hospital for the outpatients’ department and day hospital.

The second four floor building is the health services area for different departments: oncology, psychiatry, dialysis and nephrology. On the basement there are a kitchen and a dressing room for the staff and on the first floor a canteen for the university department.



Nos Hospital Nobo (2011 – 2012)

Project and management design, architectural and installation design including fixed furniture, chosen among the three Tender finalists, for a four floor Hospital with 300 beds. It has all necessary departments to become the reference Hospital for the entire Caribbean. Construction of a new bridge and roads for a perfect connection with the existing urban texture, a car park for 500 places, a helicopter platform, offices, shops, restaurants, areas for children and gardens. The whole project respects the local urban regulations, the Curacao culture and style.



“L. Sacco” Hospital (2012) – Milan (2012)

Architectural and mechanical design, installations, health and safety planning management. The project only relates to interior works. Renovation of the surgery rooms of the gynecology and neonatal pathology departments located in the central area on the first floor of the L. Sacco Hospital including  internal/functional layout, the finishing materials, windows and doors and equipment plants.



Filippo del Ponte Hospital in Varese (2011)

Architectural and installation project for expansion of the Hospital with the construction of the new Maternity/Child department.



Regional Health Service Centre of Novara (2011 – 2013)

The project concerns the complete functional and architectural redevelopment of the ex psychiatric hospital of Novara in a 14.000 sqm area on a 94.000 sqm lot. Creation of an integrated center renovating the ancient pavilions and reorganizing activities and services per specialization and type of users. Also renewal of the external areas and adaptation of the general systems and fire prevention systems to the relevant regulations. The integrated center is multitasking: from management and administrative offices to rehabilitation from drug dependence, family counseling etc. (se volete metto tutta la lista)



San Gerardo Hospital in Monza (2010 – 2011)

Our mechanical and electrical design considers the construction of a new power station for the production and transformation of a very low energy consumption able to exploit the geothermal energy. We also provide a complex trigeneration plant to assure thermal cooling and electrical energy to the whole hospital. To guarantee a low-cost investment we carried out  a monthly study of the annual energy needs of the hospital including the solar analysis of main façade and its volumetric expansion.



E.N.P.A.M. Foundation (2010)

Final mechanical and electrical design to increase energy performance of the buildings to achieve energy class A. In particular, we chose to supply the summer and winter air conditioning system with a heat pump type water-water combined with radiant panels as well as the use of solar energy to produce hot water and electrical energy through solar and photovoltaic collectors to be installed on the roof. We studied a recovery system of rainwater for the buildings water supply, cooling system of air conditioning and firefighting system.



Dialysis Centre and Pharmaceutical Warehouse (2010)

The project aims at totally renovating the Dialysis Centre, which dates back to the 50s, and expanding 30% of the volume in order to adapt the health activities to the European standards, to face the growing demand of users and reallocate analysis laboratories and the pharmaceutical warehouse. The main interventions are: complete renovation both architectural and mechanical of the two existing floors, creation of a third one, construction of the facades, creation of new cars park and routes for ambulances and suppliers, renovation of a complex of buildings in a state of complete deterioration by adapting mechanical and electrical systems, logistic project with study of internal spaces, movement of goods and furniture of storage.



Gavardo Hospital (2009)

This hospital is part of the Desenzano Del Garda Unit and occupies 20.000 sqm organized in three buildings. Due to the growing demand of the flow of patients we were asked to design a project for the extension of the surface with a new fully integrated building of 105 beds. It follows the different functional settings and the study of technological and functional solutions for the maintenance of the whole construction and rational energy use system which improves energy efficiency.



San Martino health structure (2010)

Project management in Tender for the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical designs. Internal layout with furnishing and equipment, environmental integration and realization of the new central laboratory which has to support the entire hospital, emergency room h24, exams to be analyzed in less than 30 minutes and all the activities during the non-working days.



New Emergency Room – Milan (2010 – 2014)

Open tender procedure for the executive design to develop and construct the new Emergency Room at the San Paolo Hospital.

Activity: Project Management, development of the installation project for the Construction Phase, project Variance Analysis of the Detailed Design, adjustment of the project according to the current Health regulations, adjustments of the project according to the current Fire Regulations.

Project organized in 3 phases in order not to interrupt public service. Emergency Room  with approx.. 500 sqm in addition to the existing ones and its renovation by adding new Coronary Intensive Care Unit, Nursing Ward and other functions.



“A. Manzoni” Hospital (2010)

Upgrading plant project for Lecco hospital which aims at increasing the efficiency of the power plants and the energy conversion ensuring compliance with the current standards and cost savings. After a detailed feasibility study we proposed to implement the existing cogeneration system replacing the air refrigeration units with new cooled water ones. A series of interventions on sensitive equipment to improve hygiene reducing the risk of bacterial contamination.



Borgo Roma and Borgo Trento general hospitals (2010)

Restricted Tender procedure for the renovation and expansion of Borgo Roma and Borgo Trento General Hospitals including the mechanical and electrical design related to the energy production and distribution in the buildings. A single distribution plant with different types of terminals was built just using low temperature technologies (radiant heating, cilled beams, etc) to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort conditions.



Sondalo Hospital (2010)

Preliminary mechanical plant design and management of energy, in Tender, for the production of hot fluids and related distribution networks.

The main purpose of the energy efficiency improvement project is to replace and reduce the power unit sources improving the seasonal average returns through the rationalization of generators and their potential. All of this without reducing the availability of energy resources to the final users. The rationalization of the main distribution heating networks, the renewal of the current equipment, supervision and maintenance management. The fuel that better meets all these requirements is undoubtedly the vegetable wood chips.



Automated Chemist’s at Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital (2009)

Winner project in Open Tender for the design and construction of a new chemist’s, laboratories and warehouses at the Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital which are part of the interior of the New Logistic Center. The plant project has been realized in two phases and mainly addressed to sterilizing the rooms dedicated to the manipulation of antiblastic drugs. The aeraulic plant has been developed to guarantee pressure control for each room avoiding the risk of bacterial contamination.


Health Care Unit at Treviso Hospital ( 2009)

Preliminary power plant, mechanical and electrical systems design to produce  low-cost energy and management after a study based on annual energy needs. More specifically, the new very low energy consumption power unit consists of a series of thermo refrigerators functioning electrically and working sequentially with external water exchange. In order to optimize cycles we planned the use of the nearby river Sile and also foreseen a complex trigeneration plant to guarantee heating – cooling energy to the hospital.



Macchi Hospital in Varese (2009 – 2010)

Detailed design (all architectural, structural, electrical and special systems, mechanical systems projects) after the award of the Tender.

Upgrading plant project for a portion of the basement, raised ground and first floors of Macchi hospital. The project also planned the construction of a photovoltaic system to be located on the roof of the building and the methanisation of the energy system unit and consequently ensuring the regulatory compliance.



Leopoldo Mandic Hospital (2008)

Project proposal for the enlargement of S. Leopoldo Mandic Hospital at Merate. Construction of a new pavilion to host ASL offices, construction of new car parks for hospital staff and an underground car park for ASL staff, modification and reorganization of viability of inner roads, ordinary and emergency roads and walkways and a new hospital entrance gate.



Pavillon of Tinozzi Bellaria Hospital (2007)


Architectural, structural, mechanical plants design and installation of the new dialysis center, Tinozzi pavilion, part of Bellaria Hospital in Bologna.

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